Swindon Town FC fined for pension foul-up

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Football club the latest business fined for ignoring auto enrolment rules.

Former Premier League side Swindon Town has been fined more than £20,000 after it ‘repeatedly’ failed to comply with its automatic enrolment duties, The Pensions Regulator has confirmed.

The club, currently languishing near the bottom of the League 1 table, received fines from The Pensions Regulator worth a total of £22,900 after it failed to put eligible workers into a pension scheme or comply with other workplace pension duties.

Charles Counsell, executive director of automatic enrolment, said: “This case illustrates what can happen when an employer buries their head in the sand and disregards their duties. If things aren’t going well then talk to us, don’t ignore us.

“Failing to comply on time will not save you money. Not only do you risk a fine, you will also have to make back dated contributions.”

The Pensions Regulator’s press release went on to reiterate that deliberate non-compliance from any orgnaisation ‘will not be tolerated’, before adding ‘employers should not ignore their duties. We will work with you to help you comply, but we will use our powers where appropriate'.

If you are a business owner and are worried about what auto enrolment rules mean for you and your company, it could be worth speaking to an accountant to ensure that everything is in order and that you are not at risk of being handed a substantial fine.

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