Millions are throwing away money by not seeking advice

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91% of IFAs want government to do more to highlight importance of financial advice.

A whopping 91% of IFAs believe the government should be doing more to promote and highlight the benefits associated with seeking professional financial advice, according to a recent survey.

The research, carried out by Sesame Bankhall Group, assessed the views of 222 financial advisers, and concluded that an overwhelming number want the government to make a concerted effort to educate and inform the general public when it comes to attaining financial advice.

Ignorance of the benefits of seeking proper financial advice is a real concern. Advisers, professional bodies and the government should be attempting to highlight the advantages, but they should all also be informing the public of how detrimental failure to obtain advice could be in the long run.

At a high level an adviser will help plan a path to retirement and pinpoint the exact steps that need to be taken to get there. Not only that, but a trusted IFA will ensure that saving is both tax efficient and effective, and their fees should be well worth it.

Millions in the UK are throwing away money because they aren’t aware of the value of seeking advice on how to manage their finances. Everyone should have a financial plan for their future; winging it and just hoping that everything will be fine is no way to secure a comfortable retirement.

An IFA can help you discover whether or not you are on course for retirement, and can offer advice and guidance that could significantly improve your financial security. To find an IFA in your area, search the VouchedFor database.

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